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Drea Duque

Someone who believes in the power of helping people achieve their dreams and make the world a better place.

Drea started to pursue her dreams in 2014.

Who is Drea?

  • Drea is a multi-passionate person. She loves art in all her forms.
  • Drea paints, writes, illustrates, designs, and does several other things. That’s the way in which she learns and understands the world.
  • Drea is a human being who knows what is like to have a dream, how meaningful it is to achieve goals and make dreams come true.
  • She loves experimenting with art, design, and writing.
  • She loves studying, so besides being a Designer, she pursues a degree in Psychology.
  • Drea loves writing, so she has no one but three different blogs in which she is currently working.
  • Drea is someone who knows how to listen and then ask all the necessary questions before starting any project, or when getting to know a person.
  • She is a responsible human being who cares deeply about everything in her life, especially what she creates.
  • Drea is someone who enjoys working side by side with people needing her help or opinion.
  • She is also striving to make the world a better place by helping people succeed in life and pursue their dreams!
  • She has years of experience working with people online and offline, around the world. In both, psychology (4-5 years), and design (12 years).
  • She loves designing, so, every project she takes, feels like her own.

In summary, Drea Duque is a multi-passionate person, a creative entrepreneur, a unique being, a fantastic & experienced designer, a curious human who enjoys helping people, and someone who values every person she meets, and everything she creates.

“I put my heart in everything I do”.    Drea Duque

What can Drea help you create?

Help you start a GREAT BRAND, easy to recognize and remember. Or a LOGO with all the right elements for sending a great message! Everything you may need for starting or giving a new look to your company.

Help you with creating your NEW WEBSITE or Landing Page. Drea Duque loves designing mockups with unique yet practical ideas. Sure all your needs can be adapted to a fantastic design!

Helping you with beautiful illustrations: icons and other elements for you, your ads, book or brand. Illustrations can vary but are one of the most fun and challenging things to do when designing.

Where is Drea from?

Drea is a graphic & web designer born, raised and based in a small country in Latin America called Ecuador, where the native tongue is Spanish.

Drea loves living in this place and her mother tongue. However, she has decided to write, speak, create art and share content in English & Spanish so that she can get in touch and work with wonderful people from all across the globe such as yourself. No language barriers.


This is where Ecuador, her Home Country, is located 🙂

"I believe every idea has the potential to become extraordinary. Every person has the right to live their dream and make it a reality. I believe this is what I am meant to do. I love helping people start creating their dream." - Drea Duque

Interested in working together?

No matter where you are, we can work together!

Connect with Drea on her social media accounts:

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Or, you can know what she is up to now, on her Now Page. It’s often updated.

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