Fear of Character Design | Drea Duque

Fear of Character Design? You’re not alone.

Have you ever wished to be an illustrator and create unique characters? Have you ever consider the possibility that maybe you can do it if you put the work? Have you ever thought you’re not old enough? No, right? But probably you have felt you’re too old for this, or are too scared or, worse; you think you’re not good enough. Well, I understand, because that’s how I felt a few months ago when I decided I wanted to learn to create characters. I mean to start learning about character design and become an illustrator.

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Process Behind Logo Creation Drea Duque

The Process Behind Logo Creation

Logos are not just “a nice drawing” which you use to introduce your brand to your public. You do not do this randomly and hoping for the best. Behind every logo design, there are research, work, time, effort and knowledge determining the best path for you to create/get a fantastic logo.

A logo may or may not involve the use of an existing font (typeface) or other graphic elements (icons, illustrations, textures, lines, patterns, other effects). The only thing a logo involves for sure is a color palette.
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25 Reasons Design Passion Drea Duque

25 Reasons Why Design is My Passion

Nowadays, I am known as a designer or an artist. A visionary, an idealist. As someone with a utopic view of the world. However, it was not always like that. I remember teenage years and how, in the past, I liked so many different things; I was so worried about what to do with my life that I could not decide. The thing I remember the most was that I wanted something that will give me freedom. A career in which I could be myself, and not having to pretend I am someone I am not. I did not want a mask, but to be able to do what I love while being honest, and being myself.

Then I discovered design. I chose it for many reasons, overall, because design is everywhere.

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Learn as a Designer Drea Duque

30 Things To Learn as a Designer

I am a lot of things. A person, a woman, an artist, an animal lover, a student, an illustrator, a psychologist (s), but overall, just like many other creative people, I am a designer. The things you learn as a designer, are quite a lot. You learn about yourself, skills, self-improvement, what you are good and not so good at. You also learn a lot about people, their businesses, their challenges, their fears (as somehow they become yours for a while). You learn to pay attention and listen. You get to know a different perspective on life. And all of this starts over when a new project gets started. 
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Fear Helps Dreams - Drea Duque

How fear helps achieve dreams

I have a list. I have a “to-do” lists, with stuff I want to try one day. Other one filled with the adventures I’d like to go on one day, and I have a list of things that scare me like hell (but I secretly want to do anyway). In the past, fear didn’t help achieve any on that last list, until somehow I found something I thought it was not possible, I found strength in the fear.
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