Branding means creating a bunch of materials which are compelling with what you want to show to people (your public). Finding the RIGHT image for your brand is one of the most important steps of the journey you are about to begin.

Remember, your logo is your identifier. Your differentiator. Your logo is the key to connecting with your audience, but it is just a part of your brand. If you tell me what you want to communicate, I can help you create it.


As it is obvious, Web Design means creating the website of your dreams! Your site will have not only all the necessary functionalities but a fantastic and fresh look!

When I am talking about web design, I mean I can help you create a nice mockup you can use as a guide when you hire developers, or we can create a fully functional WordPress site.


Graphic design is tricky as its world is endless! Every designer has its own style and may work with a variety of people with similar taste.

What I call graphic design is basically creating beautiful artwork pieces, brochures, covers, illustrations, characters, or the most simple icons.

Anything can become a fantastic piece of art. We can explore together this graphic world for sure.

Among my other skills is my love for Psychology (I am pursuing a degree in this); I am also a life learner, animal lover, blogger, and writer. So, I have another site(s) where I write about different topics psychology and mental health related. My main site is named Conociendo Tu Mente (knowing your mind), and it’s mostly in Spanish, my native tongue. So, if you google it, you’ll find it out 🙂



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