What I’m doing now?

Here are some juicy updates:

  • My priority for this year is Project Drea. What is Project Drea? It’s the pursuing of my passions, the development of my portfolio, the improving of my art skills, the organization of my life. Don’t take me wrong; I am still working and creating designs, this is NOT a sabbatical. But whenever I am not working on my job and clients’ projects, my priority is Project Drea.

My self-improvement Journey:

  • Right now, I’m building blogs, writing articles and experimenting with my first footage recordings. Working on this to start a Youtube Channel or at least create a few videos (no pressure) where I can talk a bit about who I am, what do I do and how do I work. Besides the challenges I am doing and creating solo and with others… Also other stuff.
  • I am learning what is like to have some well deserved “me time” which includes: swimming, yoga, meditation and learning about mindfulness.
  • Also, I have set myself the goal of continuing with my illustration learning (self-challenge I started in November, last year). I am taking some classes. So, I keep practicing every 2-3 days per an hour or two. I watch at least a little of some course a week. Next week I hope to start one of the projects for a class I already finished and have another item for my new portfolio!!

Cleaning the past, living in the present:

  • I’m decluttering my house. Throwing away what does not fit anymore, everything that does not have a purpose, what is no longer in use (despite the complaints of those who live with me). And I found some valuable items, such as the first children’s story I wrote when I was a girl, (at nine (9) years old), some old diaries that showed me some of my behavioral patterns, which I couldn’t see until now and other various things. So far, a busy couple weeks.
  • I deleted my old design site. I gave it up. Removed everything that was there even the backups. And decided to start from scratch. Why? Because it’s always good to have a fresh start. And also, because I wanted to use my name, with a portfolio I can feel proud of and create the work I love, and I want to do for a long time (the rest of my life sounds too serious).

In the Psychology side of things:

  • For now, taking a “break” off university. The Second Psychology Internship I had to do in a nursery (I must complete four semesters with internships in different organizations to graduate), the previous semester was exhausting. I also needed some time to think and focus on my other side: ART & Design. So, perfect timing.
  • Besides, I have spent these few days updating my other site: Conociendo Tu Mente  (knowing your mind). I’ve been working on making it more functional and practical for the visitors. Also making the pages load faster. I want a site which is calm, straightforward and clean, even though still dynamic. Why? That site is visited mostly by Spanish speakers who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and other conditions, people looking forward to changing their lives and making them better. So, I want a place that provides the visitor with a good read and also, some tranquility.
  • I am also working on a self-development blog in English. I am not sure when will it be ready, but I think sometime this year. No pressure.


I think that’s all for now. Let’s see what happens in a few days, weeks or months.


Last updated: Friday, January 31. 2018

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