Nowadays, I am known as a designer or an artist. A visionary, an idealist. As someone with a utopic view of the world. However, it was not always like that. I remember teenage years and how, in the past, I liked so many different things; I was so worried about what to do with my life that I could not decide. The thing I remember the most was that I wanted something that will give me freedom. A career in which I could be myself, and not having to pretend I am someone I am not. I did not want a mask, but to be able to do what I love while being honest, and being myself.

Then I discovered design. I chose it for many reasons, overall, because design is everywhere.

So, why is design my passion?

There are quite a few reasons why, but in summary, Design is my passion because:

  1. I get to create fantastic designs that will be everywhere.
  2. I love it every time I get to work on a project, and I start picturing different things instantly. My mind takes me to marvelous places without me even asking for it.
  3. I love working on challenges because it is when I get to create new and unusual things.
  4. I enjoy trying different approaches. Not only while working with design applications but while drawing on a piece of paper, with a pencil, pens, markers or watercolors.
  5. I love design because every time I create something, it displays a part of me, that I let go, and it starts growing by itself. It is like making life, without actually doing that.
  6. I love it when I hear people interpret my designs, icons or paintings as something that comes within them. Understanding their perspective on my work is always rewarding.
  7. I love design because it makes me mad, angry and happy at the same time. So, apparently, it puts me in touch with my emotions.
  8. I enjoy design because there are always ways of becoming better at this. It’s a lifework’s project.
  9. I love design because it allows me to help people while creating an impact and leaving my mark in this world.
  10. I love it; also because when I get to finish a project and I click the “send” button, the satisfaction is endless.
  11. Design allows me to connect with people from all across the world. It enables me to learn, understand and create something that is also part of those people.
  12. I love it when after a hard working time, I get paid; not because of the money, but because of the fulfillment it represents: Another finished project.
  13. I adore designing because it makes me happy.
  14. Also, design is my passion because it gives me the power of creating something unique from scratch.
  15. I love it because it helps me understand my limitations and what are the parts of me I need to improve. So, design pushes me beyond my comfort zone every single day.
  16. I cherish design because it pushes me to learn new things every day (professions, businesses, ideas, lives). So, I become a better version of myself.
  17. I love it because it helps me be a creative person, and define myself as one.
  18. I enjoy it because I get to help people convert their ideas into reality.
  19. I love it because I can proudly say I am a creator of beautiful things.
  20. I adore design because it has helped me create the life I want for me while helping others do the same.
  21. I love design because it encourages me to be curious and experiment every day.
  22. I embrace design because it allows me to be a responsible person and still be weird and different.
  23. Design is my passion because it excites & calms me at the same time.
  24. Design brings me joy, even when I am not working on designing something but writing about it.
  25. Designing gives me the freedom of creating every day.


Now that you know about my passion for design, can you tell me what your passion is?

Drea is passionate about life. Graphics, Web Design, & Illustration, are part of her life, so they are her passion as well. She decided to create this site not only to show her portfolio and skills but her experiments, personal projects, challenges, experiences, thoughts and how it is like to be a designer in a “third world” country. Drea is also an animal lover, writer, psychologist, and artist.

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