The Process Behind Logo Creation

Logos are not just “a nice drawing” which you use to introduce your brand to your public. You do not do this randomly and hoping for the best. Behind every logo design, there are research, work, time, effort and knowledge determining the best path for you to create/get a fantastic logo.

A logo may or may not involve the use of an existing font (typeface) or other graphic elements (icons, illustrations, textures, lines, patterns, other effects). The only thing a logo involves for sure is a color palette.
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Drea is passionate about life. Graphics, Web Design, & Illustration, are part of her life, so they are her passion as well. She decided to create this site not only to show her portfolio and skills but her experiments, personal projects, challenges, experiences, thoughts and how it is like to be a designer in a “third world” country. Drea is also an animal lover, writer, psychologist, and artist.

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