Why am I Doing this?


Hello to you!

I’m Drea Duque. 33 years old. Multi-passionate. Entrepreneur. Graphics Artist. Writer. Psychologist. Blogger. Animal Lover. Proudly Ecuadorian.

Let me tell you a little bit about me:

For instance, I’ve always been the person who does not fit into the mold. I don’t fit into the role the society and culture I was born created for me.

Also, where I live creativity is not very valued. It does not give “enough perceived value” to be considered a respectful/productive member of society. On the other hand: production in mass, banking, law, medicine or any other more traditional profession does, so that is what is most valued.

Why did I decide to become an artist, writer & designer anyway?

Well, because it is my passion. It is what I love.


Because every day when I wake up, I feel I get to help create a better world. Reaching people who are working towards improving their lives for the better.

Believe me, or not, my main goal is working with people who dare to be different and brave. I wanna find and work with “my people.”

But why?

Because I know how it is like having a dream and being too scared to pursue it. I understand how it is like working every day doing something you hate (or really dislike) and feeling like “you have to do itbecause you have no choice (or because you think you don’t). I also know the other side which is: working every day, slowly, building the life you want to live step by step. Creating small goals, and working towards reaching your dreams daily (like I am doing right now).

My life, just like yours, has not been easy. Since my adult life started at the age of 18, and while everyone else focused on how to look nice, go to college and made friends, I was focusing on:

  • A job, so that I could pay for my tuition.
  • Getting good grades, therefore I could keep my partial scholarship and student loans.
  • Learning as much as I could, so, all I was doing wouldn’t be a waste of my time and money. Therefore, all that effort wouldn’t be in vain.

It was hard. But of course, nobody knew this. I kept it for myself for years while trying to “be strong.” Those experiences allowed me to understand the struggle of life. They made me a bit wiser.

I also know what is like to be different, to feel different and to be bullied because of that. I understand, as well, what is like to have dreams and be made fun off because of them. I get that very well.

Now, those experiences did not make me angry or bitter, but they caused me a burnout that nearly killed me (it is not a joke). And over time, all of them – even the burnout- made me grateful.  The events also allowed me to start building the life I want to live, do what I do and believe what I believe.

All the struggle made me who I am, and realize what I want from life. However, just like to you, it took me a few years having the courage of raising my voice and say:

“I am not happy with my life. I need to change my stars now.”

So, I did it. I started. And, just like you, I am still working on building that dream-life.

If again, you ask me: Why? Why am I doing what I am doing? Why am I sharing this with you? Why am I building a business? Why do I work every day to become a better person, a better artist, a better designer, a better writer? Why do I share my experiences without hesitation?

Let me answer this for you. It’s because:

  • I am not ashamed of who I am, neither where I come from. Hence, I believe in myself.


  • I believe every idea has the potential to become extraordinary.
  • I believe every person has the right to live their dream and make it a reality.
  • I believe every idea is worth pursuing and can become amazing!
  • I believe this is what I’m meant to do because while writing this lines, I feel it inside me.

Additionally, it’s because I feel joy and happiness every time I help others begin to change their stars. 🙂

Now that you know my “why,” would you like to tell me yours?

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